" Inspiration is God making contact with itself. "
by Ram Dass (via occult101)

(via tectusregis)

you affect things in everything you do, or don’t do.

Im sitting outside on my porch smoking a cigarette doing nothing at all- but the wind is blowing. As the wind hits my body it’s path is diverged in a particular way. instead of heading towards the fence it is now sprung upwards channeling into another “wind-stream”. that stream now is stronger and it knocks a leaf off of my neighbors tree. the leaf falls.

My neighbor searches desperately for half a joint she carelessly threw in her yard last night.

It is under said leaf and she can’t find it.

She will never get high, and thus she will never write the hit song inspired and fueled by her half-joint. She will never come up with “wedding bell blues” ,and half million people will go on uninspired without it. They will continue being unhappy, drinking coffee, and hating their lives. They will watch the price is right and fall asleep.

all because of me.